Saturday, October 23, 2010

Robert Perri and his Jet Bike.

So, around the time I was hired on at Trek,
Robert Perri had just finished crudely attached
a 2-stroke motor to a cruiser bike and had
instantly grown tired of it. Never one to
settle with the feeling, Robert looked to
other forms of propulsion and settled on
Jet power. After a short time discussing
the fabrication with an unnamed gentleman
in California who "does this kinda shit",
Robert was on his way developing a system
to crudely attach a jet engine to a cruiser
bike. Months have elapsed since then and
the Jet Bike was ready for its introduction
at the Brat-Off to what seemed like dozens
of on-lookers.

The bike itself is a cruiser with a coaster brake
as its only means of deceleration. The jet engine
is fastened to the frame with two quarter inch
plates on the down tube and seat tube. The jet
has 2 speeds, idle and full on. There is clearance
between the jet and bike for a leg (just not one
of any substance).

More pictures to come should anyone develop
enough co-jones to ride the thing.

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