Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mt. Horeb/Grumpy Troll Ride.

Friday was my first pavement team building
group ride. I set off from Sun Prairie at 8 to
meet up with Krautbauer and Carnell on the
east side of Madison at 8:30. From there we
met up with Travis Braun who led us around
in circles for awhile until we eventually complained
and had him take us to the West Side Trek
Store where we would come together (like
Voltron) with the rest of the pavement team.

With 25 miles already under my belt, we rolled
out to Mt. Horeb to the Grumpy Troll. Laughs
were had, tubes were popped and Travis jumped
off of a bunch of stuff with a frankenbike.

We dispersed after some refreshments and I
mashed home to Kwame were I would rest my
legs for a few hours.

82 miles total.

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