Sunday, September 12, 2010

MashSF X Saglife

My Chrome bag has been giving me some
back pains (a side effect of getting older
as well as going on 70 mile rides with the
bag loaded down with weight) so I thought
it would be wise to invest in a backpack
with two straps as opposed to the messenger
bags asymmetrical diagonal strap.

After a fair amount of research and shopping
around on the internet, I kept coming back
to this SAGLife X Mash collaboration. While
the price was substantially more than other
considerations, the overwhelmingly positive
reviews of the bag in tandem with the assurance
that the bag was designed with my specific
demographic in mind relieved the pain of
separating myself with the money.

While I only have my initial impressions to
report, I am very pleased with the bag so far.
The laptop pouch fits my 17" MacBook Pro and
the amount of cleverly designed pockets highlight
how flawed the Chrome "huge void" design really

I will be taking the bag to Boston in two weeks
and will be able to give a more thorough report
after having traveled and ridden with the bag.

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