Monday, August 27, 2012

New Bike Day: 2013 Trek CrossRip

I had the distinct pleasure of designing Trek's first disc commute CX bike.
It was a rushed production timeline to get it ready for the Trek World
product show. I have been riding this bike for a few months now and
the Pittsburgh trip was its big official unveiling to the world. It also
gave me a chance to shake it down on some real gravel trails, hills
and city streets. The bike has performed admirably and is one of my
favorite new bikes for riding around town. I may even race it once or
twice in this years CX race season (should my MBA program allow it).

If you are in need of a solid "do everything" bike that is up for all weather
commuting, rough urban streets and the occasional off road shred fest, consider
the CrossRip. It can support some meaty tires, racks, fenders and is a dead sexy
bike regardless of how you customize it.


  1. Great bike, poor setup (2300? Sora?)

  2. This was set up with Sram Force/S900 with Bontrager RXL/RXXXL components.

    1. REC you never did answer the 2nd question

    2. The wheels were bontrager 29er RXL and the brakes are Hayes CX5s. The bike came in at 19lbs before it got racked and fendered. Then it crept over the 22lb mark.

  3. Just curious: what wheel set and brakes do you have on here? Any idea how much it weighs? I would definitely love to see this color scheme available!!!