Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Bike Day: 2012 Trek Gary Fisher Collection Cronus CX Ultimate.

Weighing in at a scant 16lbs 15oz while with knobby tires
and heavy wheels makes this bike my lightest by a fair
margin. Perhaps it's not fair to compare the weight of my
race CX to a Madone that is set up more for commuting
and touring across Iowa, but weight is not the only advantage
that the Cronus holds over its Carbon brother. Benefiting
from a stiff BB90 bottom bracket, an E2 Headtube and the
Fisher Control Column front fork/wheels, this bike it
twice as stiff as the Madone with significantly more control.
The slacked out head tube angle and elevated bottom bracket
suit the bike more for the muddy stuff but after throwing my
RXL wheels on the Cronus, she soars as a road bike as well.
The dropouts have hideaway rack/fender mounts so she can
be converted to an Uber-commuter (but most definitely won't
be). I can say, with very little hesitation that this is the nicest
bike I have ever owned. She begs to be ridden hard on uncertain
ground and rewards you with responsiveness, stability and wicked

There is a small face with the words, "Mans best friend" at the
BB/Chainstay crotch.

Pretty accurate.

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