Monday, November 1, 2010

Dad's New Bike: 2010 7.7 FX

Picked up a bike for my dad to replace the 7500
he gave to Uncle Steve. At first impression, I am
completely stoked for my dad. The 7.7 come with
some features I did not expect like color matched
Race Aero wheels and Stem. The bike has the new
ISOZONE suspension feature the seat stays which
will both absorb road noise/vibration and wane
my dad off of his suspension seat post.

The fork and seat post are carbon fiber which will
be my fathers first foray in both vertical compliance
and lateral stiffness, but I have faith in his ability
to ride this thing like a champ. Shimano 105 Gruppo
tops the bike off, 10 speed cassette and 3 ring crankset.

I got it just in time for winter so he can look at it for
4-5 Michigan months before tearing up the suburbs.

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